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The First Surgical Stainless Steel Herb Grinder
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Just from the build I feel that it says enough! Innovative design without
losing its simplicity. It’s for the connoisseur!
- Mark S.

Why Cycle

It’s not a secret that many herb smokers also put a great emphasis on living healthy and natural lifestyles. Unfortunately, the companies who make herb accessories have largely ignored these values, especially when it comes to the material of herb grinders, which up until now, have been made exclusively of plastic and aluminum both guilty of releasing micro particles that can damage health. Stepping up to help solve this problem is Cycle, a herb grinder that will make you a healthy herb consumer.

Cycle is the first true medical herb grinder on the market; it is a herb grinder that will not only last for the rest of your life, it is the only herb grinder on the market made of surgical stainless steel. The material used to manufacture Cycle is the same grade material that is used in food production. Cycle is a herb grinder that will give you the cleanest grind possible and let you forget about unhealthy materials like plastic or aluminum getting into your herbs.

Cycle vs. Other Herb Grinders

Almost all herb grinder manufacturers claim that their product is made of a medical grade material, but in most cases they use anodized material. Anodized means that the surface of their product is chemically treated to make it harder.

Unfortunately, anodized material doesn’t protect your grind from becoming contaminated with health damaging metals like aluminum because friction, in general, causes a slight abrasion of microparticles on any metal. That’s totally fine if that metal isn’t a health damaging material like on an ordinary kitchen knife, which is usually made of stainless steel.

Cycle protects your health because we reject the use of any chemical surface treatments. Instead, we use a material that in itself is safe. We only use surgical stainless steel for Cycle and can guarantee you the cleanest and healthiest grind you’ve ever had.

Just in case you have never heard of aluminum being a health damaging material, check out the studies linked in the section below and convince yourself.

What Does Science Say About Aluminum?

Source: US National Library of Medicine –
Link to study: [Aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease]

Source: US National Library of Medicine –
Link to study: [Aluminum-induced oxidative stress and neurotoxicity in grass carp]

Source: US National Library of Medicine –
Link to study: [Aluminum may mediate Alzheimer’s disease through liver toxicity]

Source: US National Library of Medicine –
Link to study: [The neurotoxicity of environmental aluminum is still an issue]

Source: US National Library of Medicine –
Link to study: [Neurotoxic effects of aluminium among foundry workers and Alzheimer’s disease]

Source: Dr David Williams –
Link to article: [Avoid Aluminum for Better Brain Health]

Design Meets Health

Cycle is designed in 4 parts; the top grinding part, the upper middle part for grinding and filtering through, the lower middle part for catching the grind and filtering the trichomes and the lowest part for collecting all the good stuff.

It is ultra-durable since it’s made from surgical grade steel. You can scratch it or throw it on the ground and it will still be grinding perfectly safe. You could literally leave your Cycle to your son someday.


Surgical Stainless Steel
Made of the same material that is used in the food industry

No Anodized Metal
A safe and long lasting material doesn’t require any superficial treatment

Minimalistic Design
Cycle combines beautiful design with high quality materials

Introducing Cycle + New Bottom Teeth Part
Meet Dominic & Johannes

We created Cycle because we wanted to feel safe when smoking and our research showed that there was not a single herb grinder made out of truly medical grade material. That is why we decided to create a herb grinder that also makes your smoking experience safer. If you want to know more about our story, feel free to join our pre-order campaign to get updated.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is "Cycle" really made out of surgical stainless steel?
Yes, “Cycle” is the first surgical stainless steel herb grinder on the market.
Why no aluminum?
We at “Cycle” are against aluminum, as it is a potential threat to your health. For more info feel free to read the study linked: STUDY
Why should I buy "Cycle"?
If you enjoy smoking herbs as much as we do, but don’t want to potentially harm your health with a herb grinder made out of aluminum or anodized aluminum, “Cycle” is the right herb grinder for you.
Or if you just love the design like we do.
I ordered "Cycle", when will it arrive?
“Cycle” will arrive after the launch of our campaign. Please look out for Updates on our Social Media. Additionally we will send you an email as soon as your “Cycle” is ready for shipping.
Can I order more than one "Cycle"?
Yes, you can!
How will you ship "Cycle"?
“Cycle” will be shipped discreetly to your stated address. Please be at home or let a friend or neighbor know, so you don’t have to wait any longer. As in many countries “Cycle” will not fit in your mailbox.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally.
Trust & Security
Absolutely Bulletproof Security

Your payment info is protected with 256-bit encryption and handled only by our industry-leading payment processor, Stripe. It’s safer than shopping at the grocery store! Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

Effortless Return or Cancellation

Change your mind later? No problem! You can cancel your order any time for a full refund. If you’re not happy with your Cycle after you get it, we’ll work to make it right. And if your Cycle has a manufacturing defect, you’re covered by our warranty.

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